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About Dragon Nest M Game

Among the longest running motion MMORPGs has at last made the way of its to mobile devices! Dragon Nest M is actually the highly anticipated mobile version of the traditional Dragon Nest. You are able to now relive the legend of the 6 heroes on any Ios or android device! Fans from around the globe are actually raving about exactly how effectively the game has translated into movable. You can feel exactly the same action packed battles, world bosses, instanced dungeons, and other things. Pick one of the 6 classes and start the journey of yours in Lagendia.

Pick various combo attacks as well as abilities to take down bosses and enemies. Equip the character of yours with different gears to improve the fight power of yours. As soon as you're positive in the fighting skill of yours, you are able to challenge players from all over the world in the PVP Arena! Do you've just what it takes to be the coming Legend? Read our Dragon Nest M beginner's guide to make it to the top!

1. Choose the best Class

In case the initial game was played by you, you are going to notice that just 6 of the 9 classes can be found. Although for right now, you are going to have to select from what's out there, the additional 3 could be added in future releases. Every one of the 6 classes has the own set of its of disadvantages and advantages. Be sure you choose a class which is going to suit your mastery and style. Several classes are harder to make use of but might be effective in the proper hands. In case you're currently new to the game, we suggest you choose the Academic. You are going to get the Alfredo ability throughout the tutorial and he'll serve as the personal body guard of yours while you fire at enemies from a safe distance. We've mentioned the various classes below to make it easier to determine.

Warrior - This's the fundamental melee class. He's a well rounded fighter that has good speed, defense, and harm. Overall, he's a great starter for newbies.

Archer - A ranged fighter, she's possibly among the most effective damage dealers in the game. She is often a bit of challenging to play because you have to go about a great deal to work with her successfully. Select her in case you're positive in your dodging abilities.

Sorceress - Another effective damage dealer, one of the primary issues of this particular category is survivability. In case you would like to select the category, you'll likely require teammates.

Cleric - As the game's healer plus tank, this particular category has excellent survivability. The disadvantage is he's lower harm as opposed to the other classes. Although you will be taken by it longer to accomplish dungeons on ones own, you are going to be in a position to endure.

Academic - An adorable little female that wields some quite heavy guns, she's ideal for newbies that play solo. The assortment of her of robots will help her survive even with no teammates.

Assassin - As you can most likely imagine, this's a harm dealer that specializes in stealthy and quick executions. He's a blend of heavy strikes and fast mild attacks. He's a bit more complex to utilize as opposed to the Warrior, so choose him just in case you're positive in the combat skill of yours.

2. Targeting Can Be Tricky

Dragon Nest M includes an auto target method which will help players adjust better to the mobile platform. Regrettably, it'll just do your character look in the path of the enemy. Your attacks as well as abilities won't instantly house in on the target of yours. Which implies you are able to really miss still in case the opponents of yours are auto targeted. Attacks have lower risks of missing. Abilities could be trickier due to the casting delay and distance. You are going to need to anticipate the motion of the enemies of yours to make sure the abilities of yours will land.

3. Upgrade The proper Skills

You will discover fewer abilities offered in Dragon Nest M when compared with the original. With that said, there continue to be much more abilities out there than you can squeeze into the hotkeys of yours. Additionally you have limited ability points, therefore you are going to need to commit them wisely. The best part is, you are able to test out the various ability combos until you locate the set that actually works best with the play style of yours. The game provides players limitless ability resets under level thirty. This will need to be sufficient for one to discover the ability route which you would like to take. Don't hesitate to try out various abilities to be able to produce the best killing machine.

4. Switch Between Views that are Different

You will find 3 sights offered in the game: 2.5D, 3D, and 3D. The very first one will be the default, and it positions the digital camera at a somewhat greater angle to enable you to see much more of the area you're in. It's a fixed view, therefore it could be restricting at times. The 3D perspective zooms in a bit of, letting you have the fight up close. The digital camera is still fixed, which means you will not get too dizzy following the character of yours around. In case you're the kind that would like exploring a great deal, you can choose the 3D+ perspective which provides you with the independence to spin the digital camera almost as you would like. Simply take care while performing this in battle since you may lose sight of the target of yours. Although you will not find out in case the new attacks in case you spin the camera the wrong way, the character of yours will still automobile target enemies.

5. Tweak The Game Settings

Based on the overall performance of the gadget of yours, you may want to tweak the adjustments a tad. In case you're experiencing lag despite good connection to the internet, it may be the graphics adjustments of the game. Tap on your character's icon on the top left corner of the display to access settings. Tap on System to see the standard adjustments. Alter the Graphics to Medium or even Low to encourage your device run the game much better. You might lower the Same screen player count to decrease the lag more.

6. How you can Take Down Bosses

Employers are stronger and tougher compared to regular enemies. Additionally they cast abilities which can't be interrupted. Fortunately, boss abilities will invariably provide you with a warning beforehand. You are going to see a red highlight on the spot in which the ability will hit. All you've to accomplish is actually get out of that part just before the ability is actually through channeling. Because there's usually the risk of getting hit by boss abilities, it's ideal in case it is played by you protected unless you break the armor of his.

The boss' armor is actually suggested by the little yellow bar beneath the medical bar of his. As soon as it's exhausted, the boss is stunned, giving him susceptible to attacks. You are able to then go all out with the own set of yours of abilities for so long as he's stunned. Be sure you keep a watch on the armor bar since it'll gradually regenerate. In case it fills up before you are able to eliminate the boss, he is going to be in a position move as well as cast abilities once again.

7. Aim For 3 Stars

Every stage has 3 conditions that have to be met to obtain a three star rating. This's displayed on the left side, before the stage is entered by you. Take note of the conditions as well as aim to meet them almost as you are able to. Once sufficient stars are collected by you, you are going to be in a position to open a star chest. Different incentives such as other, equipment, and currencies things are contained by these chests. The conditions frequently feature finishing the stage while keeping the health of yours above a particular threshold. This's the reason it's crucial for one to enjoy safe during boss fights almost as practical.

8. Activate The Titles of yours

As you advance in Dragon Nest M, you are going to be in a position to gather a couple of Titles. These're received via numerous ways, which includes finishing the primary chapters of the story. Each Title gives out an extra stat in addition to additional BP. Nevertheless, you are going to need to make certain it's triggered to obtain the benefit. For instance, the very first Title you'll acquire will be the Beginner Title. This provides you with a five VIT extra in addition to fifty BP.

You are able to activate Titles in the Character selection. Tap on the character icon on the lower right of the screen of yours. Click the 3rd button on the left to watch the summary of Titles. The when you do not have still will be darkened, though you are going to see the incentives they provide and the way to unlock them. Tap on an acquired Title then tap on the Activate Attribute button at the bottom to obtain the extra of its. Remember that you do not need to exhibit the Title you're using. You are able to select a unique Title to display by tapping on the Display Title button on the lower right corner.

9. Feed The Fairies of yours

When level seven is reached by you, you are going to be in a position to unlock the Fairy display. You'll additionally get the primary Fairy of yours. Fairies provide you with extra stats and also additional BP. The greater the level of theirs, the more BP you gain. In order to increase the level of theirs, you are going to need to supply them. Open the Fairy selection then tap on the paper bag icon with a pawprint on it. This can explain to you the various food types you are able to feed the Fairy of yours. Do not care about not having enough food. You get to draw free grain balls up to 5 times every day at the Fairy Shop. Remember, although, that the Fairy can't of yours exceed the level of yours. You are going to need to routinely check back on the Fairy of yours each time you level up.

You are going to be in a position to unlock extra Fairy slots at levels ten, twenty eight, and thirty five. This implies you are going to gain a lot more BP. Just the Captain, nonetheless, will have the ability to work with the ability of his. Each Fairy has the very own special ability of his that will help you in battle. Be sure you pick a Captain which has a skill that is going to work nicely for the play style of yours. For instance, the Gustwalker ability offers you the opportunity to trigger Move SPD Increase with each monster you kill. While additional movement speed is beneficial for those classes, it's exceptionally helpful for Assassins as well as archers that have to move about a great deal while attacking.

10. Log In Daily For Rewards

There are many icons on the best right of the screen of yours. One of them is actually a cake icon known as Benefit. Tap on it to open various freebies which you are able to buy through the game. In case you're new, you are able to buy a reward for the 1st top up. What you're actually following here, though, will be the day Sign in Reward as well as the no cost Gold Chest. Dragon Coins, Fairy eggs, enhancement substances, and other things is included by day incentives. Even in case you do not have some time to play, you need to at any rate log in to claim these.

One other icon you must see is actually the Online icon. It's a continuing actually that provides you numerous products for signing in daily. Today, signing in for 3 days will ensure you an A grade Fairy, as make certain you do not miss it! Fairy food, Dragon coins, stamina, as well as costumes is included by some other incentives!

11. Claim Achievement Rewards

While you're checking out icons at the top right segment of the screen of yours, a gift box labeled Reward will be noticed by you. Tap on it to see Achievement, Level, along with Target incentives which you've acquired. In case a reward is actually patiently waiting for you, you are going to see a red dot on the tab exactly where it's located. Several incentives for reaching level milestones are gotten by you, completing Nests, finishing story chapters, signing in daily, along with winning in PVP. You will find a great deal of Gold as well as products waiting for you right here, as make certain it is checked by you frequently to find out in case you've finished some achievements.

12. Get Notified

Occasionally, when you're busy with daily life, it's simple to overlook crucial activities in game. It is a great thing the game offers push Notifications for situations this way. If you visit the Settings menus as well as tap on the Notification tab, you are going to be in a position to toggle On or perhaps Off the various push notifications. The game is able to notify you when the no cost stamina is out there. You are able to get it during supper as well as lunch. You are able to additionally get notified once the World and Guild Bosses can be found. These're significant situations which happen at particular times of the day, which means you will not wish to avoid them. Turn on the notifications to make sure you're constantly updated!

Gear up, the journey of yours awaits in Lagendia! Simply follow our Dragon Nest M strategy guide to be able to overcome dungeons with ease!

Additional Details About Dragon Nest M Game

Dragon Nest M is actually the "transplant" of the famous South Korean MMORPG for PC, and it is now readily available for Android devices and iOS, courtesy of Kimi Entertainment. This's a business which focuses on anime/manga inspired 3D graphics and RPG activity with a solid social component. In Dragon Nest M, you are able to pick from any one of 6 character classes, learn over seventy abilities and gather extraordinary character emblems, as well as take part in combat action which focuses on the power of yours to string together combos and respond to enemy attacks. At the center of the game are the community characteristics of its, in which you are able to participate in MOBA-style and PvP battles, and team up with the friends of yours as you "fight to the conclusion to slaughter the dragon."

Although just before we do this, we have got to begin at the really guide and beginning you through the fundamentals of the thrilling brand new name, we are going to get to all of the high-tech capabilities in time that is due. While we have previously discussed several Dragon Nest M beginner tricks and tips of the past, right now we are back with a few more. And so continue reading, check out our Dragon Nest M strategy guide for novices, as well as join us as we talk you through all the things you have to find out while your character/hero remains at level ten or even lower. We aspire to go over the entire gamut of fundamental mechanics, but first, let us talk about the very first thing you will be doing in this particular game - picking out a character class.

1. The Basics Of The Game - Choosing A Character

The primary thing you will have to do in Dragon Nest M is actually choosing a character. You'll notice 6 classes to pick from, beginning with Academics, who specialize in center distance magic attacks and summon pets to enable them to out in fight. Archers are actually best in launching ranged attacks from behind, and the strike out of center distance, with the speed of theirs being their primary defining hallmark. Sorceresses are actually "masters of light magic,", dark, fire, and ice and therefore are the very best characters to utilize with regards to AOE attacks (area of influence attacks, for all those that are not knowledgeable about RPG jargon), and can easily deal out a great deal of harm. Fighters are the all around figures that are best in melee combat and succeed in phrases of power, speed, and endurance. Clerics are actually defensive minded characters with healing powers, but are not very perfect in phrases of offense; you are able to depend on them, nonetheless, for melee magic attacks. Finally, Assassins are actually "bloodthirsty lunatics" that are additionally great in melee attacks and within nuking, or perhaps offering out increased quantities of damage against a single goal.

Each of those character classes has a corresponding amount of difficulty - Academics, Clerics, and warriors are actually of two star difficulty, Archers & Assassins have three star difficulty, as well as Sorceresses, due to the AOE abilities of theirs as well as substantial strike ratings, are actually probably the hardest to make use of at four star difficulty. We suggest selecting the character class of yours based on your own preferred play style, as well as, in case you've time that is enough, tinkering with each category. Take remember that you've the choice to alter character labels in case you do not love the stock names the game is actually suggesting, although this's generally for decorative uses. Furthermore, there is no need to be concerned about losing improvement in case you produce a new character of a completely different class so you are able to go experiment. The game is going to save the improvement of the prior character you used, enabling you to produce a brand new one, start from scratch, and find out if there might be an additional class that you are much more comfortable using. (Pro tip: This's additionally beneficial, in the event you tap on a character class by accident!)

2. Let The Quests Guide You

During the early goings of Dragon Nest M, you will mainly be following the game's campaign, which is essentially you as opposed to AI opponents as you move through the game's storyline and understand the significance of the best objective of yours. You will be also performing a good deal of speaking to NPCs, who'll be briefing you on the quests of yours and allowing you realize what you should do so when to do it. To be able to make sure you are up to speed at all times, just keep on clicking the things on the switch of the Quest tab on the left side of the screen of yours. With each press, you will be directed to a character that you have to speak to, or maybe a spot on the map in which you have to be. This might be a game with a great deal of social engagement, and you might not see a lot of merit in finishing the campaign, though it is nevertheless suggested, and may we include, needed, to do it by adopting the quests.

3. Know The Skills of yours And When In order to Use Them

When battling it out with enemies, you'll, naturally, have the main ability of yours, which you'll be using the majority of the moment. Though you should not dismiss the buttons around them, particularly in case you are dealing with the level boss. These're the skill buttons of yours, and each ability would differ based on the character class you selected for the hero of yours. We suggest you tap on the Skill tab on the bottom right of the screen of yours and review each ability, reading up on what they actually do. Which enables you to utilize them at the perfect time, and with reason - for instance, you would not wish to make use of the Fan Blades ability when you are in close communication fight against a certain enemy; you will wish to wear it instead when you have received a little bit of distance on the bad guys, as that allows you to make use of some crowd control and do harm against even more enemies at the identical time!

4. Use Your Dodge Skill

The Dodge switch is actually the bottom rightmost button with regards to your hero's instructions in battle, and also you are able to make use of it early on, even before the game shows you exactly how to make use of it. Naturally, this enables you to stay away from harm from enemy attacks by rapidly moving out of the manner in which, and you'll ordinarily be utilizing it if you notice a red-colored line in your enemy's lane - this's a surefire indication there is trouble a brewing, and that you are in danger of shooting a great deal of harm. You will additionally wish to dodge in case you see reddish circles around a boss, as that is an indication that they are intending to make use of the unique ability of theirs on you. At the proper time, right now there are not way too many preventive choices in here, therefore you may as well training making use of your one evasive maneuver, as well as understand when to dodge.

5. The Basics Of Coping with A Boss

Toward the conclusion of a fight in Dragon Nest M, you are going to meet the boss character, who's, as they often are, a super powered enemy with a great deal of hit points, and unrealistically high stats as as compared to the low level minions you get rid of prior to the big encounter with the amount boss. Defeating employers will not be a lot of an issue in the first stages of the game, but nevertheless, we believed that it will be a wise decision to speak you through some simple strategies for offering with bosses.

The very first thing to look at would be the quantity of hit points they have; this's specified by top of the bar in addition to the display, and in case you notice that the bar is actually blue, which implies you are gon na be in for a lengthy fight, as the supervisor has near the most HP easy for a villainous character of the game. As you continue chipping away at the boss, you will discover that the blue bar (assuming it is a supervisor with a good deal of HP) is going to turn green, then yellow, then orange, then white, then maroon. After the bar is actually maroon, that suggests the supervisor is actually close to death, so in case you attack a supervisor while the HP bar of theirs is actually maroon, you will at last see the HP bar really getting chipped away before it turns absolutely black clothing as well as the boss has been killed. It is a wise decision to are available in with all the abilities of yours active, as pay attention to cool down times when you are beyond the one minute mark at any fight. Moreover , make excellent use of your dodge ability, just like we pointed out above, as that can enable you to move away if a supervisor is charging up an unique ability.

In case a supervisor is hit by you difficult enough, you will have the ability to stun them; you will find out in case a supervisor is surprised in case you notice stars swirling around the head of theirs. Always keep attacking the boss, as well as utilize more intense techniques to make sure they stay surprised till they are used.

As soon as you have beaten a boss, the level is actually over, and you'll generally earn coins and different loot, like armor and weapons. To the victor goes the spoils!

6. Is Auto Battle A Smart Idea?

Like the majority of games of the type of its do, Dragon Nest M comes with the choice to automobile battle, which becomes accessible as soon as you have arrived at player level three. Car Battle leaves almost everything up to the game's AI, generally the usage of special and basic abilities, along with obviously, moving on the road that the game dictates. The one thing you are able to do here's dodge attacks, but apart from that, things are taken care of by the AI.

Prior to deciding on whether to make use of automobile fight or perhaps not, constantly look at your hero's rating, and compare it against the suggested rating for a fight. In case your rating is substantially greater than what is suggested (not unusual at all when you are simply starting), then make use of automobile battle, by all means - which must, as the game indicates, free up the hands of yours, as well as let you concentrate on things that are other while the AI does all of the dirty work. Or else, we suggest playing the level/battle yourself, or perhaps at the very least using automobile fight until you achieve the boss fight to the end. Since in case your rating is pretty close to what's suggested, which implies you are fairly certain to deal with a tougher boss compared to what you are accustomed to.

7. Destroy The Mushroom When you get Cursed

Speaking of automobile battle, there is the one first fight in which the feature will particularly be disabled, as that is exactly where the game is going to teach you about what you need to do in case you get cursed by an enemy. To begin with, let us look at what occurs if you get cursed - you'll be converted into an additional creature, like a goblin in the above mentioned example, even though you might think that being a monster enables you to fight like one, that is exactly where you are wrong. The attack stats of yours are going to decrease, and you'll additionally get significantly slower. But there is a method to the office about that, and that is by attacking near you mushrooms, that will change you back into a man. You might additionally have to go to a certain area on the map to be able to separate the curse - no need to worry, as the game is going to inform you about these kinds of spots in case that is the situation.

8. Skill Tree And Character Tab Basics

As the hero of yours keeps leveling up, you will wish to give consideration to the ability tree of theirs, which could be seen by tapping on the Skills tab/button on the bottom right corner of the key menu screen. While you level up, you are going to unlock new abilities for the hero of yours, which you are able to equip so that the character of yours is able to make use of them in battle. Naturally, you will have to update the abilities of yours, and this can be achieved with ability points, that are gained every time your hero levels up. Leveling up your hero's abilities makes them much more successful in battle, and can bring down cool down time, making it important for you to perform this from time to time. Actually the Dodge ability could be enhanced, therefore do not dismiss that also in case you have got the ability points to spin!

The Character tab is situated next to Skill, and this enables you to provide things that you might pick up after finishing a fight. In the beginning, you are going to pick up a simple weapon, helmet, chest armor, as well as trousers, although as you go on, you will certainly encounter much more complex gear which could guard you better against the tougher bosses of the Dragon Nest M community.

9. How can Fairies Work?

Fairies are actually the game's equivalent to pets, and start to be available once level eight is reached by you, accompanying one to fight as well as buffing you up in special ways, based on the fairy you are deploying. There'll additionally be a Captain Skill for every fairy, a skill which might bring about an extra buff while you are available on the battlefield. For instance, the Dream Crescent fairy's Captain Skill, provides you with a possibility of triggering "Move SPD increase" for every time you kill a monster in battle. Apart from that, you receive extra points in a few stats, together with your hero's rating going up too once the fairy is actually deployed. Make sure the fairy of yours is upgraded by you frequently by providing for it, as that boosts the consequences of the buffs and also the Captain Skill! Believe us when we say that they are able to be amazingly beneficial when the going gets tough.

10. Join A Guild

Final, however, not the least, we'd obviously suggest a guild is joined by you as soon as the choice becomes available. You will see it in the chat room, in which there are actually players from around the globe asking for invites to sign up for a guild, or perhaps inviting individuals to join the proactive guild of theirs. Becoming a a part of a guild allows you not merely in order to socialize with the fellow guild members of yours, which quite a few would say will be the very best part of it all, but additionally to engage in exclusive challenges, and to trade methods - in case you ask assistance from someone, do not forget to return the favor whenever the chance comes up! As we frequently say, there's no downside to joining a guild, as make certain you have got prioritized as early as you possibly can, even before the game ultimately enables you to join or perhaps create one. (Pro tip: Not truly one, but be certain also that you are signing up for an energetic guild, to make sure that you are able to make the most of all of the possible advantages! There is no use joining a guild with few members which actually play the game, and small to no interaction among guild members.

About Dragon Nest M Diamonds And Gold


Diamond is actually the premium game currency, which may be utilized to buy specific things that can't be purchased with yellow. You are able to likewise swap the Diamonds of yours for gold, each time you're quite short of them. You'll find just a couple of ways to get Diamond. One of them is actually by paying real life cash to get it. The alternative way is actually by making use of our Dragon Nest M Hack.

You are able to actually gather in game currencies by playing tough in the Dragon Nest game, but this can cost you great deal of time. In case you don't wish to spend your precious time then you are able to immediately get these currencies by buying them with cash that is actual . While making a purchase at the game retailer you need to choose a larger currency package as better deals are actually offered on bigger packs as in contrast to smaller ones. That is exactly why individuals prefer using Dragon Nest M Hack Cheats instead of spending real life cash.


Gold is the primary in game currency, which may be utilized to buy equipment not generally available in game like Dragon Eggs, Protection Jellies, and Approval Stamps. This particular currency could be quickly earned by playing the game as they're given to every single player that participates in the match. Nevertheless, the quantity of gold which you'll get is dependent on a variety of factors. Gold likewise can certainly be created with the Dragon Nest M of ours Cheats 2018.

In summary, Dragon Nest M is actually a well design, impressive MMORPG mobile game. In case you would like to feel all of the highly effective functions and defeat different players with in seconds as well as unlock all maps as well as things of that game, you need to provide a try our Dragon Nest M Hack now.